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We all know that the key to increased sales volume is through repeat customers by providing good quality product along with great service. Unfortunately most franchisees are not able to provide this consistently because they do not have the tools and processes in place to ensure this happens every day. I can help you change that, I have developed proven tools and processes that allow each store to give good quality product and great service both in store and on delivery.


Just some of the services I offer are listed below:

  • Assistance with hiring needs including ad placement, first contact and interview set up for more efficient staffing!

  • Full business flow review to find opportunities for improvement

  • Assessment of personnel for optimizing placement

  • Creation of job descriptions and duties

  • Director of Operations training and development

  • Supervisor training and development

  • GM training and development

  • In store operational efficiencies through forms, checklists, and procedures

  • Assessment of store flow to optimize efficiency

  • Review of tools and equipment to improve operational efficiencies

  • Goal setting and tracking to improve service numbers

  • Cost efficiencies to improve profitability

  • Coupon assessment to improve Ideal Food Cost

  • Set up of daily OER readiness processes

Whether you are a smaller franchisee in need of a limited “Director of Operations” or a larger operator that needs a fresh set of eyes I am here to assist. If anything I have mentioned interests you, please reach out to me and let’s have a conversation.

Joe Gorman

email:     phone: 325-280-2422

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