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Brand Strategy Session

A short meeting to get to know your business
& it’s overall marketing needs.

Marketing Calendar

A calendar that highlights important dates & helps you prepare your digital & in-store marketing for the month ahead.

Recommended Promotions

Customized promotions for your business
& ideas to help you implement them.

Social Shoot

A photoshoot designed to keep your social media
and digital marketing needs in mind.

Content Package

Everything you need to post online for the month
in one neat & easy-to-use package.

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Our goal at The Ad•Chemist is to help small businesses succeed. The key to your success in our eyes is your social media marketing. We plan out a customized social media calendar for your business and help you create the content. Not only is social media unavoidable, it is necessary to help you grow in this digital era. Let us help you use it to your advantage, predict events that will affect you ahead of time and plan promotions around it!

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